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Why do you need to backup, and POPULAR BACKUP SERVICES…

Hello! Before I continue, I as always tell you,
» Cuz I’m an average user. I don’t use them too little, not do I over-depend on them. I use them enough to be well acquainted with them, and I use them only when I need to.

Hey everyone, I’m posting something after a long time, but you’re not interested in this I’m sure, so I’ll cut to the chase.

[If you’re interested only in services that help you to backup data, still down and look for “Backup Services” ]

Have you ever wished that, “I wish I had a pic of that…”? I have, a couple years ago, when I didn’t have a camera(I never had a camera, only a camera phone that I got in 2011), I wish I could rejoice that memory, I wish I had images if that, at times on great occasions I even asked my neighbours if they got a camera, if they even had, my parents didn’t allow me. Sigh.
This taught me, over time, how important it was to have those images. Now everything I said about images, applies to videos, music, movies, documents, and every piece of data I’ve ever had!

I lost a lot of data due to accidental deletion, data corruption wasn’t a big issue for me…

No one wants to lose that cute pic of their pet when it was just born, it the pic of their little princes and princesses who just won a fancy dress competition. Memories are way too valuable for people like me, and many of those out there.

You can say I have an OCD about this. I don’t delete a single pic or video I’ve ever taken, accidentally or intentionally.

Cuz you never know if your best friend today turns an enemy tomorrow!

What I’m saying is, life is so damn fucking unpredictable that you just can’t know what moment you might never experience again! You might go one a fishing trip today, to the nearby lake, for a thousandth time… nothing special… you can again visit it tomorrow, and after that. Whenever you want. But you never know if that friend will live to see tomorrow, or if you’ll live, or if a nuke drops nearby. YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

Life is very unpredictable, treasure every moment.

Now, let’s come to business shall we?


Disclaimer: This isn’t a professionalists review, it’s an average user review.

Listing them out:

Google Drive

Personally speaking, I love Box. No special reason as such. It allows online editing of docs and stuff, that’s the on-the-go BS most services provide. Don’t take me literally, using BS for something is my way of talking. Actually I love box cuz it got me 50 GB on signing in on my android device. And many devices provide free +50GB Dropbox space. Mine did. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. You’ll find a review for that device elsewhere on IdeaBuster. You might like Dropbox better, I mean, not a lot of sites provide free space on adding friends or referrals, do they?
Then comes SugarSync, well, I like it’s app, and especially, the cute logo. (I’m a straight make alright! Even guys think some things are cute!) Plus on slower networks the SugarSync app works better than Dropbox, I haven’t tried Box on the Galaxy Grand yet… Then comes Skydrive, it provides some 7.5 GB or so space. Plus some editing features of Office 365 I think.
Last but not the least, Google Drive. Gives 5GB for free. Good stuff. Deep Google docs integration, and all the Google related goodies!
Wait, did I mention that Facebook uses Dropbox for file sharing in groups? So you could use Dropbox BS in Facebook at some places too! But that’s not a big deal for me… maybe it is for you!
I’ve helped enough now! Go on your jobs! I’m done!

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT I-9082 User Review

Hey people! I thought about writing this long ago, but a little late isn’t that bad, is it.

Now, why should you read this review? Well, there are a gazillion reviews out there, but none written by someone do restricted on budget like me! So here I go.

There are some lower budget phones in the market that claim to deliver way better performance than the grand, I call it bullshit! One fundamental thing you must keep in mind, newer hardware is always better than old hardware. And the hardware on the Canvas 2 is old, regardless of the phone being new.

Starting with the display, the ppi might look low to those who have used high end phones before. But the point is, if you’ve bought a 30k phone before, why the hell would you want the grand? I automatically assume that you’re rich enough to buy a better smartphone. And if you’re the poor man, like me, this is your poor man’s Galaxy S3! A 5 inch tool is what a lot of men don’t have!

So the ppi… it doesn’t bother me, it is nice enough for everything! Multimedia, gaming, browsing, etc.

Performance wise, it’s great! Regardless of what benchmarks say(though the benchmark scores, tested by myself using multiple benchmarking apps, are impressive!) the grand does great! And it blows away competition in Nenamark 2! It can play almost every game! Mind it, I said almost. Though the grand will act erratically occasionally to remind you of the difference between a flagship and it, but it still didn’t bother me. It still remains reliable considering I use it nicely. Nicely doesn’t mean that I don’t use many apps. Already having 124 apps, and still got space!

Obviously it has expandable storage capability, and 4GB of internal memory isn’t a headache for me. I have a 16GB SD card. I store my data there. So stop crying about internal memory.

The user interface is good, multi window is very handy at times! For example, I can text message someone while texting another guy on Facebook without switching applications! (Now we have the chat heads feature, but you get the point.)

The battery doesn’t disappoint, lasts long enough. Plus, the phone doesn’t even heat! At least not irritably!

The cameras, 8 and 2 mp each with full HD recording capability and ZERO SHUTTER LAG show you to take amazing pictures, and especially videos! Damn! Ask me! I’m more of a multimedia guy!

The phone does feel plasticky though, and gave me a scare when I was opening the back cover for the first time! It’s totally plastic, solid plastic though, but I thought it’d break! It didn’t break. The flip cover is classic, I think it’s not so useless, it’s good.

Vodafone users, put your old SIM into this and get 2GB free data! It’s a good deal!

This phone won’t let down a person limited on budget.

But if you’re into android development and can’t live without tweaking it, dump this phone. It’s got close to nil development right now. If you want to know anything and everything about this phone, mail me or comment below.

Thanks for your time.

A tip on overheating laptops.

Laptop overheating is no new problem. It’s been there since the beginning of time…
…of laptops.

So what causes it to overheat?

Firstly, i’m sure your laptop didn’t heat up like it does now when you just bought it and played Assassins Creed 3 on maximum graphics, that it, used your laptop on full load.

So it’s overheating now means there’s a problem that can be fixed.

This is how:

1. Open up your laptop.
If you’re not an expert but still prefer to do it yourself, I’ll recommend googling about how to open your laptop. It’s best to watch a YouTube video on that, if that’s available. Don’t settle for tutorials that aren’t for your model or even a similar one, as some components are always different, look for exactly your model. Or a very similar one if you don’t find it.
Tip: If it takes more strength than crushing an empty can to open a component, you’re doing it wrong.
You may do step 3 here only or after step 2.

2.  Clean all the dirt using a soft brush and a soft cloth, DO NOT USE CLEANSING LIQUIDS!

3.  Open up the fan. Yes, you can open it up. If your tutorial didn’t tell you how to, look around the laptop motherboard for screws connected to the base. Unscrew them and flip it over, safely. And find a way to open your fan!

Result: You’ll find that there was an amazing amount of dirt stuck up in there! Clean it all up using that brush I told you about! Blow it nice and strong, make sure you dry blow it and if you’re blowing with your mouth, no saliva goes out. Then screw everything back together, it should be good as new!

Self experience:
I tried this once with my Dell Inspiron M5010. I opened and didn’t find a lot of dust around the motherboard, still I cleaned it and fixed it back, the overheating problem didn’t go. Why? Cuz I didn’t open the fan. Later when I did and cleaned it thoroughly, it worked great!

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