About IdeaBuster!

Welcome to IdeaBuster!

It’s a blog completely dedicated to nothing specific. Just several day to day tips and solutions to all things problematic and often unknown. The point behind creating IdeaBuster was simple! To provide the internet with solutions to issues not easily available or provide them content not easily available, but perhaps needed but by not a lot of people.
This blog caters to not the majority of the internet, but to the few people out there who kill hours trying to find the solution to something now quite common. Now I don’t exactly help them directly, if I ever come across something, which I was able to solve, but took me a great deal of work or internet surfing, I share it here, because at least there will be one, or one more blog showing the correct solution to the problem I faced, thus eventually, possibly making this ‘not-so-common’ issue, a bit more common and hence more easily searchable!
Hope you find it helpful. Feedback is very welcome!

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