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Galaxy Grand - With white flip-cover

How to clean a flipcover?

Galaxy Grand - With white flip-cover
Galaxy Grand – With white flip-cover

Now THIS is one question which a lot of people have, but haven’t bothered trying.

So, how do you actually clean a flip-cover?
I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Grand, with it’s original White Flip-Cover, and it’s gotten dirty, in time, while I procrastinated to clean it, it kept getting dirty and dirtier with the oil and dirt from my hand. So like anyone else, not knowing how the flip-cover would react to traditional cleansing agents like soap or nail-polish removers, I googled it. You’d find answers, but they’re like “You may try this but I haven’t done it.”, “This should work, but not sure.”. Now i’ll tell you what I did, because i’ve done it many times.

Simple stuff, how to clean your flip-cover:

  1. Take an old and unused tooth-brush.
  2. Take some detergent or any soap, even body soap would do.
  3. Use plenty of water and soak the flip-cover.
  4. Rub soap or apply detergent on the flip-cover.
  5. Rub the flip-cover with the brush.
  6. Don’t be afraid to brush it hard, but not way too hard. Just hard enough to brush off all the dirt. The original flip-covers can take some shit. You can do the same think for the non-clothy side of the cover too.
  7. Air dry the flip-cover. You can use hair-dryers or use a towel or cotton-swabs to soak the excess water out of it after cleaning.

That’s it! That’s really it! It was that simple!
If there’s an easier way to do this, please let us know.


  1. The brand-mark on the cover that says “SAMSUNG” and “GALAXY <model-name>” won’t wear off that easily, however, it’s advised to brush the text areas a little lightly if you can.
  2. Make sure that you have brushed and washed off all the soap from the flip-cover. Remaining soap will affect the quality of the cover.
  3. Don’t apply the cover back on the phone immediately after cleaning it. Let it dry completely before you apply it back. Common sense. Duh!


I dare you to find an easier and cheaper way to clean it. 😀

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT I-9082 User Review

Hey people! I thought about writing this long ago, but a little late isn’t that bad, is it.

Now, why should you read this review? Well, there are a gazillion reviews out there, but none written by someone do restricted on budget like me! So here I go.

There are some lower budget phones in the market that claim to deliver way better performance than the grand, I call it bullshit! One fundamental thing you must keep in mind, newer hardware is always better than old hardware. And the hardware on the Canvas 2 is old, regardless of the phone being new.

Starting with the display, the ppi might look low to those who have used high end phones before. But the point is, if you’ve bought a 30k phone before, why the hell would you want the grand? I automatically assume that you’re rich enough to buy a better smartphone. And if you’re the poor man, like me, this is your poor man’s Galaxy S3! A 5 inch tool is what a lot of men don’t have!

So the ppi… it doesn’t bother me, it is nice enough for everything! Multimedia, gaming, browsing, etc.

Performance wise, it’s great! Regardless of what benchmarks say(though the benchmark scores, tested by myself using multiple benchmarking apps, are impressive!) the grand does great! And it blows away competition in Nenamark 2! It can play almost every game! Mind it, I said almost. Though the grand will act erratically occasionally to remind you of the difference between a flagship and it, but it still didn’t bother me. It still remains reliable considering I use it nicely. Nicely doesn’t mean that I don’t use many apps. Already having 124 apps, and still got space!

Obviously it has expandable storage capability, and 4GB of internal memory isn’t a headache for me. I have a 16GB SD card. I store my data there. So stop crying about internal memory.

The user interface is good, multi window is very handy at times! For example, I can text message someone while texting another guy on Facebook without switching applications! (Now we have the chat heads feature, but you get the point.)

The battery doesn’t disappoint, lasts long enough. Plus, the phone doesn’t even heat! At least not irritably!

The cameras, 8 and 2 mp each with full HD recording capability and ZERO SHUTTER LAG show you to take amazing pictures, and especially videos! Damn! Ask me! I’m more of a multimedia guy!

The phone does feel plasticky though, and gave me a scare when I was opening the back cover for the first time! It’s totally plastic, solid plastic though, but I thought it’d break! It didn’t break. The flip cover is classic, I think it’s not so useless, it’s good.

Vodafone users, put your old SIM into this and get 2GB free data! It’s a good deal!

This phone won’t let down a person limited on budget.

But if you’re into android development and can’t live without tweaking it, dump this phone. It’s got close to nil development right now. If you want to know anything and everything about this phone, mail me or comment below.

Thanks for your time.

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