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Strangers – Acquaintances – Friends :)

How many of us make friends, 
or at least call all the people we meet as friends.

Not realising that most of them on the so called list are only mere ACQUAINTANCES.

People whom you meet on a regular basis, but share nothing more than just a mere “HELLO”

Its just the fear to talk more, the fear of rejection or a very strange negative feeling that holds us back all the time. We think we are not that good enough without even realizing our own potential. In fact we may like a lot of people but we refrain ourselves from meeting/ talking with them. The so called STUDS as boys call themselves, refrain from talking to a very SWEET GIRL and vice verse.

They can be your so called friends, acquaintances or strangers.

It’s always what we choose it to be. We leave so much on destiny not realizing that we always have a choice of free will. Destiny is to make you aware of a situation and its your free will that helps you choose every tiny little minute feature in your life.

The Million Dollar Question….???

How can we create more ACQUAINTANCES and in the process FRIENDS….???

All that we have to do is simply pass a very cute smile. This is a universal language, any person, anywhere in the world, any nationality what so ever, all needs to do is simply SMILE, this leaves the other with no option but to smile back. If he or she does not smile the first time, they will surely smile back the next time. But the reaction of the other person must never take away the smile from your face.

We feel people come and people go, it for us to decide who stays and who doesn’t in our lives. This attitude has to be changed, we can only live our lives to the fullest and in return we have such aura on us that we would normally attract more people to be in our company. This is simply the power of a smile.
I took it upon myself to try this out, all i did was Smile everywhere i go, smile at the cook, the watchman, the gate keeper, the lab assistant, the teacher, the rickshaw wala, the auto wala, the maggi wala and each and every person i met. They certainly might have felt strange for the first time, but as this practice continued they got accustomed to it and in fact now have elevated from strangers to acquaintances to FRIENDS. All one has to do is simply SMILE.

It bridges gaps of a million light years. No words can help fill this gap but the very smile on one’s face can help many a heart beat much longer.

It’s one simple emotion that beats every other reaction in any given situation in life.

I began this extra ordinary task of creating more and more ACQUAINTANCES and then making them my FRIENDS.

Its very very cost effective to make Girl Friends, Boy Friends, and to be able to enjoy certain privileges, like For Ex – In my college canteen in case i don’t have money i can still have a lavish meal, in case i don’t have a vehicle to get back home i am still damn sure that i’d get a drop home, I never have money and i am sure that i would never be left hungry, loads of examples that would go on and on. All i want you all is to experience this feeling of complete BELONGINGNESS in this world.

This activity of mine has given me the feeling of never being alone ever in LIFE. Come what may, i know that help will flow in from all corners of the world.

This is exactly the same journey that each and every individual must follow.
Just give in to your feelings and do every thing that your HEART tells you….

Just Do This and the entire world around you will be filled with Smile and laughter.

Meet Strangers – Smile – Talk

Make them ACQUAINTANCES – Smile – Talk

They are then FRIENDS for LIFE.

How to pass your time, when you have nothing to do…

Believe me, i’m a king on this one.

The reason this post even exists is that most people would just become couch potatoes without any work. So why not do something comparatively productive that doesn’t require killing yourself?

Why you should read this?
As I said, i’m a king on this one, plus, I am lazy too, just like you!

Here we go:

1. I’ll assume you don’t want to get off your couch in the first step.
So why not do something with your TV? Discover new channels! Play the game that comes inbuilt in your TV! Watch some news! Or discovery channel! Or just explore new features of your TV and press buttons you’ve never pressed before! You might as well be very surprised!

2. Now get off your couch would you?
Get back to your bedroom. (Assuming you don’t have your TV in your bedroom, if yes, you bro, need to get a life.)
What do you see?
If you’re reading this, I assume it’s littered with clothes and gadgets and books everywhere! I don’t want to sound like your mom, but cleaning it up might actually be a good idea, turn up the music and get working, don’t think, just start cleaning, you might eventually begin you enjoy it. It works on me, though I have a feeling it won’t work on you, have a try.


3. Be the mechanic.
Every house has something that doesn’t work and people are too busy or lazy to ever get it fixed. Now it’s your time to rise and shine! Open up that radio no one listens to, unscrew that toaster that wasn’t used in a while, a for with loose hinges, a loose tap, clogged pipes, look around! You’ll find more stuff to fix than you actually can!


4. Time to get out and explore.
A hell lot of people worldwide have a smartphone. Smartphones have a GPS! Now use your GPS enabled application (say “Google Places” or “Google Maps”) to search footer new places of interest and actually take your cycle, bike, car or anything to check it out! Riding on a cycle is always good for your health. You can go to movies, restaurant, park, bazaar and the list goes on.


5. Remember that friend?
Whose place you never visited? Or last visited long ago? Time to go to his place finally.
We all have people we never visited much, since you have nothing to do, you might as well pay him a visit. And perhaps do step 4 with him!


6. Now that you’ve had a great day hanging out with friends and doing stuff, you returned home, nothing to do. Now what?
Assuming you tried all the aforementioned steps, you don’t have much household chores left. So why not try to cook? Dust off that recipe book and time to get your hands dirty!
Unless you’re ordering a pizza, try step 7.


7. Read a book.
An old magazine, an academic book, a comic book, you do have books in your house, don’t you? Who doesn’t! If you’re a tablet, smartphone or a PC person, download a book! I’m not recommending Facebook!


Look at all the books! I never read…

8. Follow me!
I mean, start a blog and make some posts! If you don’t want to do that, write down on a piece of paper about your day, which is equivalent to writing a diary, if you already write a diary, do that. Writing down something, your thinking, feelings, something that you just need to write is a good idea, always.

9. Do something creative.
Everyone is creative(at a range) and can suite their creative oats by doing many things like recreating a thing they saw by hand or a computer software. Well, this one is entirely up to you.


An example from me.

10. You’ve done everything.
Now you can plug in your earphones and play your favourite music and go to sleep.


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